Object lessons and and more

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Items needed:

  1. one egg per child

  2. t-shirt per child

  3. plastic to cover floor

God protects the egg from the chicken. The hen lays the egg and then sits on it. If God didn’t make the egg so the 3 to 5 # hen wouldn’t crush it we wouldn’t have any more chickens. Put a T-shirt on the boy and girl, then give them a grade a egg instruct them; when you say "go" they will squeeze the egg but they need to hold it like it comes out of the hen. They need to put the oval side in their palm and the top of the egg on their fingers. Tell them God protects the egg from a 3 to 5 # chicken but we all know that we can crush the egg. Today we just want to see if the boys are strongest or the girls. Tell them we are going to see who can crush the egg the fastest. Say one, two, three go… go… go. Well, any time your ready squeeze the egg. (If it is a grade an egg, and they don’t dig their fingers into it, they won’t be able to crush it)



Candy chocolate

Items needed:

  1. baker's unsweetend chocolate

  2. drinking water

  3. trashcan to spit chocolate into

Put a boundary up somewhere inside the classroom. Let the kids know that the boundary is a place that represents the worldly places. Like when you lie to people and go places you know God wants you to stay away from. If there is a particular place mention it, but get the kids to realize this is an action as lying or so forth.

God's protection will be with us if we follow his word. He may not keep us from harm but he will carry us to heaven and walk with us as we go through tough times. Let the kids know that even if something looks good in the World it may not be. Tell them to trust God's word and not what TV or other people tell them. Let them know they will only be "safe" inside the boundary. At snack time or whenever announce there is chocolate on the outside of the boundary. Tell the kids they can cross the boundary if they want "because God gives you freedom to make your own choice we will too."

When (if) they eat the chocolate let them rinse their mouth out with water and explain to them that sin is like the bitter chocolate. No matter how good it looks and what others are doing sin will leave a bitter life like the bitter taste the chocolate leaves in your mouth.




Is Jesus in your family?

What you need:

  1. slush powder
  2. two Styrofoam drinking glasses
  3. a pitcher of water
  4. two pencils
  5. towels for cleanup

The "trick":

Pour water into both glasses and put holes in the glasses, with the pencils, and no water comes out of one but it does come out of the other. Turn the glass upside down and the water still doesn't come out.


Put a table spoon or more of slush powder into one of the glasses. Make sure you use a Styrofoam glass so the slush powder will be able to "grip" the cup. Try this first so you'll know your limits.

The lesson:

I use this lesson with my testimony. I was raised by an abusive step Dad that mostly took his anger out on my Mom. As I finish my testimony I pour water into two cups. I ask a leader to help me and I tell the kids we need Jesus in our families so events that seem bad to us don't destroy our family.

I ask the kids what things may cause someone in the family to become angry or upset. I then tell the leader to put a hole in the cup. (The leader knows to put the hole high and just let a little water come out.) I tell the kids " Without Jesus in our families the problem spreads with violence over all of the family members." Then I put a hole about the same location as the leader put in their cup. I tell the kids " with Jesus in our families our troubles are carried by him, and even though the troubles are hard they don't spill out on the others in the family through violence." I ask them to think of another problem and as they tell us we put holes in our cups.

The kids eventually tell me to put a hole in the bottom and when I do they ask me to turn it upside down and then they say there isn't any water in it. When I pour water into the cup and it still doesn't come out they ask me to turn it upside down again, and this goes on until the Slush powder is so saturated that it comes out some where. The kids usually laugh and I do too. When they almost get out of hand I get really serious, I say "YOU KNOW WHAT?" with a deep and serious voice.

I, then tell the kids that the cup with the slush powder in it is like our family with Jesus in it. The slush powder took all the water into it and kept the water from spilling all over the table. When we let Jesus in our lives and families, Jesus takes all of the burden on himself and keeps the violence from spilling onto our family.


Plumb Bob

What you need:

  1. table
  2. Plumb line (you can get these at any hardware store).
  3. Tape (white medical tape works best)
  4. White paper
  5. pencils


Put the table in an area that won’t be disturbed, but where the kids can gather around. Place a white sheet of paper under the table and tape it to the floor. Put a small line on the edge of the table, vertical so you can see it from the floor.

What to do:

When the kids come in have them put a dot where they think the line from the table is in relationship to the floor (if you drew an imaginary line from the line on the table straight to the floor where would it be when it hit the paper?) Tell the kids the closest dot to the actual place where the line meets the paper wins a prize, so the kids need to initial the dot they mark, they may need to draw an arrow to the dot with a leaders help.

What to do and say:

Ask the kids how they can see exactly where the line would be on the paper when it comes straight from the edge of the table? What should they use to be sure the line is exactly where it should be? Show them the plumb line and tell them how it works and tell them many people use a plumb line to build things. Place the plumb line on the mark (put a book on the string to let it hang by itself) and when it quits moving announce the winner. Let the kids know we need a path to heaven that is as straight as possible. God knows that if we don’t have a straight path to heaven we won’t make it, so God gave us His book (hold up a Bible). This book shows us the only way to make it to heaven. God uses the Bible to build our faith and love just like a carpenter would use a plumb line to build a straight and sturdy wall.



Interruptions Object Lesson

Tell the kids you are going to play a game and the child who can answer the question gets to play.

Have the sound person turn the music up.

Speaking softer than the music, and ask a question about the Bible lesson.

When the kids say they can't hear talk to them about the "noise" in their lives and how it keeps them from hearing what God wants them to do. (make sure the music person turns the sound down to let the kids hear the teaching of the object lesson). Now get ready to ask the kids a real question so they can play the game.



Teach the rules

What you need:

  1. A hard chair
  2. A super high bounce ball
  3. Tape (to make a line)


  1. Put a piece of tape on the floor about 10’ away from a hard chair.

What you do:

Ask the kids if they think they can get the ball to stay in the seat of the chair. Say " see this line", then place your feet on the line and bounce the ball on the floor and see if you can get it to rest on the seat of the chair. Ask some kids to try it. If one of them cheats and doesn’t stand behind the line, ask the other kids if that was fair. If all are good sports, tell the kids your going to try it again. Ask them if they think you can get it to stay on the chair and not fall off. When you’ve got their attention walk up to the chair and place it on the seat. When the kids say you cheated, ask them what the rules said. (There is only one rule, get the ball to sit on the chair; you only said "see this line"). Tell them rules are so everyone has a chance to learn about Jesus. Then ask the kids what are some rules we should have about the classroom? We even wrote the rules down on a giant sheet of paper and put it on the wall. When a child breaks a rule ask the other kids what the rules are. Say "I’m sure no one would break the rules you all made" (make sure not to call down the kids that break the rules, the kids should not know you are pinpointing a certain rule because "Johnny" is breaking that rule).




Cutting Corners


What you need:

  1. Red Poster board
  2. Scissors
  3. Bible


  1. Look up the verse ahead of time.

What you do:

Hold up a piece of red poster board, and say, "Praising God Is like Cutting Corners". With the kids help count the corners on the sheet of poster board then cut a corner off of the paper and say your going to give one corner to a child. Hand the corner you cut off to a child. Then ask the child how many corners they have. The will have three. Cut another one off and give it to another child and ask them the same thing. After they tell you they have three tell them you have six. You started with four and now you have six.

Tell the kids" as we give our love and praise to God we don’t lose anything, just like the paper gained corners we gain love, and God takes care of us."


Handkerchief thumb tip

Object lesson


  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Yellow (gold)
  5. Red, blue, green, yellow all in one


When you get ready to do this object lesson put the four-colored scarf in your left hand and put the thumb tip over it. When you make a fist around the thumb tip you shouldn’t be able to see the scarf.

The lesson

Start by telling the kids the only way to heaven is if you do as God says in his Word; the Bible.

  • Tell the kids that for this lesson the blue scarf will represent Faith, and force the blue scarf into the thumb tip inside your hand.
  • For this part of the lesson we will have the red scarf represent Jesus’ blood.
  • We will use the green scarf to represent money that we give to God.
  • All of your scarves should now be in your thumb tip except the hidden scarf. Tell the boys and girls your want to make sure all of the scarves are squished together. (Place your thumb into the thumb tip and push it on. When you know it is on pull the hidden scarf out with both hands. Turn the scarf with all the colors on it around so they can see both sides of it. If you don’t let go of the scarf the kids will never see your fake thumb.

    When I did this lesson I always tell how the trick is done (just as I always reveal Satan’s tricks). Have the kids guess how the trick is done and leave your thumb out so they can see it. When I did this none guessed including the leaders, until I held my thumbs beside each other.(The next game goes well with this Object lesson.)



    Answer questions and do what's right obstacle course


    1. Right questions on index cards. Each question on a separate card. (make two sets, one set for each player; or have someone read the cards during the game)
    2. Set up "stations" using a table or box to set the items on.


    When you say to start the participants race to the first station. They must answer the question and take the right color handkerchief with them.

    Example = question. Some people have two masters they claim Gods as one what is the other. Have a black handkerchief and a green handkerchief. The child should remember your object lesson and chose green as the color of money. Help from the teams are welcomed.



    Hearing Game

    Have two buckets full of small items (each bucket should have the same items in each one.) make sure there are items that will keep you from hearing as well as other small items. Some examples might be, headphones, earplugs, earmuffs, cotton, wax…

    Have the kids stand on a line, on "go" they will need to run down and pull one item, that keeps you from hearing, out of the bucket. Then they must run back and put it where they started from, they continue until the music stops. Hold up the items one at a time and ask the kids (that didn't play) if each item, the players pulled from the bucket, will prevent you from hearing. The kids playing the game get a point for a right item and lose a point for a wrong item. The child with the most points wins.




    Hitting the Mark


    Pre-meeting activity: Purchase a bow and arrow set from a department store. (The kind with suction cups.) Have the kids stand in line and shoot at some sort of prize. We used baseball cards and so forth. Even small candy will work. If they hit it they get to keep it. A varity of prizes work best.



    Tear it up

    Items needed: Paper you can’t tear, (from the post office you can't tear it because it has fibers in it) scissors; prizes or candy

    Ask questions from the lesson so far; pick some kids to help you tear the paper. Count to three and then have them tear it in as many pieces as they can. Count again and tell them they can go when they are ready.

    Thank them and give them their prize. Explain that it is impossible to tear the paper. You will have to use scissors. Show the kids how easy it is when we use scissors. Compare using the scissors to our everyday life.

    Tell the kids we can’t get to where Jesus is, heaven, unless we pray a special prayer.


    Read Romans 10:9-10. Lead them in a prayer of Salvation.



    We have no power without prayer

    Items needed: 2 battery operated toy car (without the batteries), batteries, masking tape, prize (candy or penny toy).

    Ask the kids who would like to play a game, then pick two kids, by asking questions about the lesson so far. Have each child put his \ her car on the starting line (that you made with the tape). They will probably ask how to turn the car on, so be ready to explain the way the car works. After finding out the cars don’t work, tell them they don’t have batteries in them so they’ll have to race by pushing them. After they race, put the batteries in the cars and have them race the cars using the batteries. Give both of the kids a price for helping out.


    Tell, the kids the cars are a lot like us. Without prayer we have no power. A lot of times we try to go through life without the power of God. We "play " church or wonder why God doesn’t help us when we won’t even pray. Even the disciples in the Bible were guilty of this:

    Read Mark 9:17-29. (You can paraphrase all except verse 29.) Reread verse 29 and explain how the disciples had delivered people and healed people (Mark 6:13) but they couldn’t help this one boy without prayer. Explain that because our power comes from Jesus, we are powerless without prayer.



    Prayer Game

    Items needed: padding for kid’s knees, paper with prayer request on them, two p for each contestant, a straw for each contestant.

    A twist to add to this game could be to put prayer request that are "good" request and "bad" request in the plate. The child would get credit for good request and penalized for bad request he/she moves.


    Good request; "Lord help Mom and Dad get along better"

    Bad request; "Lord help me beat up Johnny after school"



    Carry the food

    Ask the kids who ate the most at thanksgiving. Ask them who was better at eating the boys or the girls?

    The game: carry different kids of food (with a spoon in their mouth and without using their hands. A friend can "load" the spoon for them.

    How to play: Have the kids stand by a table with a plastic spoon in his/her mouth. Their partner will put a piece of food (apple, orange, bread, a potato, candy pieces or whatever) (you could also use only popcorn) on the spoon. The player will run down and put the food in a bucket then run back and start over again. Give the kids a certain amount of time, then let the kids at their seats yell for the winner. The one that gets the loudest yell wins.